No Facebook ’til Brooklyn

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…and I ain’t goin’ back to Brooklyn any time soon.

Ok, I’ll openly admit that when I was starting this thing up, the good folks at  3DPDX (Joe) and AEPDX (Chris) were mentoring and made one thing clear.   Get with the social media thing – “Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn” they both said.

Yep.  Got ya.  We have to all stay connected somehow, kind of what it’s all about with this group and who am I to say any one of the channels is better.

Well…    yeah…     except the Facebook thing.  Maybe I’m overthinking or being closed minded – but I know what I like and I’ve always been more of a Last Thursday guy as opposed to a First Thursday guy if you know what I’m sayin’.  So why force it?  Facebooking the VFX/PDX blasts just seems redundant when we have a perfectly fine page going here.

So yeah, the plan is to, rather than it being an all out media blitz every time we have a meeting, I’ll just fire off one email (plus the token reminder) to the email list and gtfo.  Done and done.  Time is valuable and I need to keep it low maintenance.

Let me know if you think I’m making a mistake and you want to see VFX/PDX light up your facebook feed as much as we light up your life.

Facebook, maybe we can talk later on when your stock isn’t tanking.

Begrudgingly on Twitter

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Ahhhh uggggggh grrrrrr fwump.  Crack.

Grumpily coming out of my safe little introverted anti-twitter hole here.  Brrr.  Zipping up my REI jacket and stepping out into the cold cruel world of social media with only comic book interjections to protect me.

Woosh!  Pow!  Surprise!  I did it.  VFX/PDX has a twitter acct.  Gulp.

Ah, whatever.  I’ll get over it.  If even GVS is tweeting these days, how bad can it be?  🙂

I gots no followers, but I’ve got the deal if you’ve got the time:  I’ll follow you if you follow me.  This tweet brought to you by Orange Crush and the letters W, T and F.

Wharar LinkedIn?

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Hi you,

I’d like to add you to my professional network.




Yes, the saga continues.

We’re on LinkedIn for your linking in pleasure.  And I say “we” not as the royal we but more like the customary greeting of rural New Mexico.  When you stop in at that relic of a gas station out in the middle of nowhere on the old Turquoise Trail up north of Route 66, and the old stogie behind the counter gives you a skeptical eyeing up and down and greets you with a “Whar doin’?” – know that the NW translation for this is “Hello, tourist clearly from a place where they don’t get much sun – what are you doing?”  In turn, the correct response is “Wharar doin’?”  As in “No, my good man, what are WE doing?”   Only then can normal conversation ensue and you can ask them why they don’t pump your gas for you.

So what are we doing?  Why don’t we saunter on over to LinkedIn and get hitched.   Add us up to that sprawling list on that profile of yours.  It’s ok – VFX/PDX is a badge of honor – let ’em know where you’re coming from.

Click me.




(BTW – Linkedin is where the job posts will go, since it’s a good “push” system instead of putting up a job page on the site, which is too “pull” for me – so get up on Linkedin if you want to find out about or post Portland area VFX jobs)

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